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Self-defined: excellent open source dictionary project

I just came across this brilliant dictionary project from Tatiana Mac: SelfDefined.
You can contribute on GitHub.
A modern dictionary about us. We define our words, but they don't define us.Self-Defined seeks to provide more inclusive, holistic, and fluid definitions to reflect the modern world. The goal for Self-Defined is to become the first modern dictionary that reflects our digital world, using the best aspects of technology while minimising the worst aspects of technology that can cause harm. Self-Defined is successful if it supports greater, more nuanced understanding and tolerance of fellow humans through words.

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Energies and Gender

Great blogpost from Major Arqueerna on gender and the concept of "masculine and feminine energies".

"Masculine" vs. "feminine" energy: Why is this still a thing? by Major Arqueerna (2020)
"I believe we should immediately decouple the concept of binary, opposing types of energy from the concepts of “masculine” and “feminine,” because keeping those concepts together is 1. inaccurate, 2. confusing, and 3. harmful. There’s no good reason to tie these types of energetic patterns to patriarchal ideals of gender."
Added to the page of articles on gender, sexuality, and polarity.