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inclusive Wicca calendar 2021

I just designed the inclusive Wicca calendar for 2021. All profits on my Zazzle store go to the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society . inclusive Wicca Calendar by inclusivewicca

New edition of The Night Journey

I am delighted to announce that The Centre For Pagan Studies and the Doreen Valiente Foundation are publishing the revised and expanded edition of The Night Journey: Witchcraft as Transformation by me, Yvonne Aburrow. Buy now from the Doreen Valiente Foundation Shop The Night Journey is a follow-up to my previous book, Dark Mirror: The Inner Work of Witchcraft . The Night Journey: witchcraft as transformation This book explores different ways of doing ritual, and how that relates to the witch’s journey through life, and the stages and pitfalls of the inner work. It describes how to develop as a priestess or priest, and how to work with your group to connect with the land, with queer archetypes, and to challenge oppression. This book is aimed at witches who want to deepen their engagement with their Craft. It explores modes and types of ritual; how rituals work; the uses of sound and silence in ritual; the witch’s journey through life; the stages and pitfalls of the inner work. It shows