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New page: Adding your pronouns online

New page:  Adding your pronouns online   Why you would want to add your pronouns, who should add them, and how to add them.

New resource page: Indigenous Peoples

In the wake of the awful discoveries of unmarked graves in residential schools , more and more Canadians want to learn the truth about the destruction of the cultures and languages of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and the theft of their lands. I have created a new resources page with links to websites where you can learn more about Indigenous culture and issues , and identified the key resources to get started on your learning journey. If you only have time to interact with a few things on this list , check out the ones with a star next to them.🌟

Queer Pagan Reading List 2021

 A new edition of the Queer Pagan Reading List is up on Dowsing for Divinity . Also check out the YouTube video introducing the list: