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Transgender Day of Visibility

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility to all transgender, nonbinary, genderfluid, and genderqueer people. Art print of the trans pride flag by sadiesavesit on Redbubble Continue reading  →

The quest for the authentic Self

Many Pagans are on a quest for the authentic Self. This is often visualized as something we already possess; we just have to clear away the accretions caused by so-called civilization. In this model, the true Self can be found by getting in touch with Nature. Continue reading →

The Deep Blue Sea

I see oppressive systems as being like water pressure in the ocean. The deeper you go in the ocean, the greater the pressure. Continue reading →

Bath Time Witchcraft

Witchcraft tip of the day. To sensitize your hands to be able to feel auras, next time you’re in the bath with some bubble bath, grab a handful of bubbles and hold your hands parallel to each other with the bubbles between your hands. Then bring your hands slowly together and note the subtle increase in pressure of the bubbles on your skin. Do this more than once (it’s fun!) Continue reading →