Mourn AND organise

Solidarity and love to all LGBTQIA+, disabled, Black, indigenous, Muslim, Jewish, Latino/a/x, and other minorities who are feeling terrified by the U.S. election result. 

Stay safe. Stay together.

Useful list of U.S. organisations resisting racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia:


  1. And American friend posted on Facebook: "I voted for Hillary Clinton, and I'm upset that she lost and the orange baboon won, but I don't understand why people are out in the streets protesting against democracy. Once he's actually president and does something evil, that will be the time to protest. Doing it now makes you look like a jerk and a sore loser. And it perpetuates all the stereotypes that conservatives have of liberals."

    I agree. After all, most politicians don't follow through on their promises. Obama promised to close Grantanamo Bay.

    But there are also some Trump supporters who are making violent attacks on members of minority groups, and it seems to me that a good strategy in such cases would be to urge Trump himself to condemn such behaviour, and to set up channels to communicate such requests to him.

    1. Probably because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but he won the electoral college.

      And because people anticipate that he will do awful things.

      But I see your point.

      And it's unfair to baboons to call him one.


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