The time has come

Inspired by the stance of the amazing John Shelby Spong, I will no longer debate with people who want Wicca to be exclusive and excluding.

I will no longer engage with the bigoted view that tradition is unchanging and unchangeable, or that the Book of Shadows demands only male/female interactions in Wicca.

I will no longer debate with people who think that Wicca is solely duotheist, or that it is a "fertility religion", or that its practices should remain exclusive, or that it cannot be modified and expanded.

If you are intent on creating a version of Wicca that rigidly adheres to outdated 1950s notions of gender, form your own tradition.

If you cannot cope with Wicca including people with a different understanding of what is "core" to our practice, form your own tradition.

Too many people have already left heterocentric "mainstream" Wicca because they felt excluded. That is not good enough.

The world has moved on, leaving behind those elements of the Craft that cannot adjust to new knowledge or a new understanding.

There is no middle ground between prejudice and oppression. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The first same-sex initiation took place around a quarter of a century ago. People have been developing more inclusive practices for decades. Deal with it.


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