Wands Up for Orlando

After the Orlando shooting, a small group of LGBTQIA Pagans came together to create a ritual for the dead of Orlando. The group is called Wands Up for Orlando. The founder, Salvatore Caci, wrote:
Why “wands up”? In the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, after the death of Dumbledore, all students of Hogwarts take their wands and raise them into the air to light up the sky and sweep away Voldemort's evil curse. Similarly, we want to sweep away the curses of intolerance and violence with the light that shines from our hearts and hands joined together and in support of one another.
Together, we have written a ritual to commemorate the dead of Orlando. We want to emphasise that, as many of the dead may have been Catholics or have had an ambivalent relationship with religion, we are being respectful of that. We performed divinations to check that the ritual would be welcome and needed.

The ritual is available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Polish (and we will shortly also have a German version). If anyone would like to translate it into other languages, that would be most welcome.


  1. Why does it matter so much, you might ask? because the LGBTQIA Pagan community is hurting. Hurting that the Pagan community mostly said, "oh that was sad", and then moved on to the next thing. Showing solidarity as Pagans *matters*. I see who on my friends list has made their profile a rainbow, or added a Pulse ribbon, and/or posted about their feelings about Pulse, and who hasn't.

    Sign up for the event page to show your solidarity.


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