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New MeWe group

In view of the privacy concerns with Facebook (which are much debated, but they do exist, because targeted ads harvest keywords from your posts), I have created a new inclusive Wicca group on MeWe . Some of the other things you can do to protect yourself online are outlined in this article, Information Security 101 . If you are still not convinced that your privacy matters, read this article from Liberty Human Rights and this blogpost about the Snoopers' Charter being brought into force .

Another angle on aphantasia

I didn't know what it was called at the time, but I wrote (in passing) about aphantasia in my book, All acts of love and pleasure: inclusive Wicca . I have followed this up with more detail in my new book, Dark Mirror: the inner work of witchcraft . I first became aware that there are people who cannot visualise (form internal pictures in their mind's eye) when leading visualisations (a common practice in Wicca), and I now routinely test people when they visit or join my circle to see if they can visualise. I do this by asking them to imagine an orange: looking at it, feeling the pitted surface, opening it with their thumbs, smelling the scent orange oil rising from the peel, and tasting the fruit. If you can't visualise that, chances are you have aphantasia. If I find someone who cannot visualise, I adapt the way that I do visualisations to help them feel included, for example by inviting them to imagine the physical or emotional feelings associated with the experien