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The festival of Borrowed

Some years ago, I started the festival of Borrowed. It’s on February 28th or 29th, and is a reminder that the Earth is precious and ecosystems are fragile. It seems even more relevant in the face of the climate emergency. The festival of Borrowed highlights the idea that we do not own the Earth or the trees, animals, birds, and waters — we only “borrow” them, and share them with all other life. They are entities in their own right, flows in nature.

New book: Transmasculine Guide to Physical Transition

New from Microcosm Publishing and author Sage Buch : "In this new guide to physical transition for transmasc folks, author Sage Buch offers the reader guidance and advice on safe ways to feel more like yourself. Written with trans men, nonbinary folks, and other masc genderqueer folks in mind, Buch covers everything from chest binding and packing, to hormone replacement therapy, to the ins and outs of surgery, all in terms accessible to the layperson. Check it out !"