The festival of Borrowed

Some years ago, I started the festival of Borrowed. It’s on February 28th or 29th, and is a reminder that the Earth is precious and ecosystems are fragile. It seems even more relevant in the face of the climate emergency. The festival of Borrowed highlights the idea that we do not own the Earth or the trees, animals, birds, and waters — we only “borrow” them, and share them with all other life. They are entities in their own right, flows in nature.

New book: Transmasculine Guide to Physical Transition

New from Microcosm Publishing and author Sage Buch : "In this new guide to physical transition for transmasc folks, author Sage Buch offers the reader guidance and advice on safe ways to feel more like yourself. Written with trans men, nonbinary folks, and other masc genderqueer folks in mind, Buch covers everything from chest binding and packing, to hormone replacement therapy, to the ins and outs of surgery, all in terms accessible to the layperson. Check it out !"   

Queer Pagan Reading List 2023

  Queer Pagan Reading List 2023 New titles this year: Mat Auryn’s  Mastering Magick , books by Jack Chanek,  The Pagan Heart of the West  by Randy P Conner,  The Witches of Thistle Grove  series by Lana Harper, books by T Thorn Coyle,  Chaos Monk  by Steve Dee, two new books by Casey Giovinco,  Traversing Gender  by Lee Harrington,  Sacred Gender  by Ariana Serpentine. Continue reading  →

Gardnerians speak!

Recently some transphobic people claimed that they are more traditional than Gardnerians who are welcoming and inclusive.  Several people have written or spoken to refute their transphobic nonsense and their claims to be more traditional, including me, Mortellus, Jack Chanek, Jason Mankey, Ash the Gardnerian Librarian, and Dylan.  I’m going to try to collect all the YouTube videos, Instagram videos and posts, blogposts, and tweets over at Dowsing for Divinity in my blogpost Gardnerians speak! Let me know in the comments if you have a public post that you would like me to add there.

What does “inclusive” mean?

  Inclusive doesn’t mean that we have to include everybody who asks to join; it means that we don’t exclude whole classes of people due to their innate or acquired characteristics (such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or physical characteristics).   Some people may not be suited to Wicca because they are drawn to a different path. Some people might not be suited to coven life because they don’t play well with others, or because they are not kind and considerate of others. Inclusive covens definitely have the right to exclude anyone with bigoted views such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia etc. As Karl Popper pointed out, the paradox of tolerance is that it cannot tolerate intolerance.  Some people may not be a good fit for your coven because they have a very different approach to the divine / deities than you, or are interested in a different mythology.  I think I can safely say that I coined the phrase inclusive Wicca, and although I wasn’t the first per

New page: Adding your pronouns online

New page:  Adding your pronouns online   Why you would want to add your pronouns, who should add them, and how to add them.

New resource page: Indigenous Peoples

In the wake of the awful discoveries of unmarked graves in residential schools , more and more Canadians want to learn the truth about the destruction of the cultures and languages of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and the theft of their lands. I have created a new resources page with links to websites where you can learn more about Indigenous culture and issues , and identified the key resources to get started on your learning journey. If you only have time to interact with a few things on this list , check out the ones with a star next to them.🌟