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inclusive Heathenry

There's an excellent article about inclusive Heathenry  by  Karl E. H. Seigfried on The Wild Hunt Pagan news blog. He points out that it's all very well saying you're inclusive, but do your deeds mirror your words? He offers a number of really great practical suggestions for doing the work of building an inclusive community. There is great value in crafting well-written and thoughtful statements to share with the wider public in print and online, but the words should be backed up with deliberate action. ... Let’s show the world that we not only oppose exclusion in principle, but that we actively promote inclusion through our actions. Even if Heathenry isn't your thing, I would strongly urge you to read his article, and when someone you meet trots out the idea that "all Heathens are racist", point out that the vast majority are not. Incidentally, to the best of my knowledge, the first person to use the term "inclusive Heathenry" was Jenny Bl

Anti-racism 101

This post was originally a tweet thread, but quite a few people wanted me to turn it into a blog-post, so here it is. I haven't changed the order I wrote this in, just added relevant links. Anti-racism 101. A thread. — Yvonne Aburrow (@vogelbeere) 21 August 2018 Harmony Day , CC BY 2.0 , photo by DIAC Images .