New book: Dark Mirror

Dark Mirror: the inner work of witchcraft

Dark Mirror: the inner work of witchcraft
Inner work is a name commonly given to the inner processes that happen in ritual. It can also mean the transformation of the psyche that comes about through engaging in religious ritual. However, the best kind of inner work also has an effect outside the individual and outside the circle. When rituals are focused only on self-development, they tend to be a bit too introspective. Ritual is about creating and maintaining relationships and connections - between body, mind, and spirit; with the Earth, Nature, the land, the spirit world, the community, and friends. It is about making meaning, weaving a web of symbolism, story, mythology, meaning, community, and love. Creating a community that welcomes and celebrates diversity. Creating strong and authentic identity to resist the pressures of consumerism and commercialism and capitalism. Weaving relationship with other beings: humans, animals, birds, spirits, deities.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: The Inner Work
Part 1: Coming to the Circle
  1. The Pagan Worldview
  2. Creating Sacred Space
  3. Raising Energy - Synergy, Resonance and Polarity
  4. Magical Names
  5. Archetypes and the Inner Work
  6. The Mysteries
  7. Evocation and Invocation
  8. Symbolism in Ritual
  9. Spell Work
  10. Magical Tools
  11. The Moon
Part 2: Embodied Spirituality
  1. Relationships
  2. “Ye shall be naked in your rites”
  3. The Erotic and Spirituality
  4. Inner Aspects of the Festivals
  5. Grounding and Centering
  6. Making an Altar
  7. The Hearth
  8. Food in Ritual
  9. Labyrinths; Meditative Walking; Pilgrimage
  10. Gardening
  11. Spirits of the Land
  12. Meditation, Visualisation, Contemplation
  13. Poetry, Storytelling, and Reading
  14. Cultivating the Virtues
  15. Rites of Passage
  16. Inclusive Wicca


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