Safe space

Model policies, group guidelines, etc

Pagan Symposium code of conduct
An anti harassment policy for events

Model guidelines for group discussion - Yvonne Aburrow
These are useful for face-to-face or online discussions

The APA guide to inclusive writing
How to write about sex and gender, ethnicity, age, disability, and more

Warning signs of unsafe groups

  • Red flags for seekers (video) by That Kentucky Witch
  • List of warning signs of unsafe groups from the Gardnerian Wicca website
  • The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame – evaluation tool to help observers of religious, occult, psychological or political groups to determine just how dangerous a given group is liable to be, in comparison with other groups, to the physical and mental health of its members and of other people subject to its influence.
  • Phil Hine (1998), Approaching groups. An excellent article with a really good set of guidelines and a list of warning signals for dodgy groups.
  • Patti Wiginton, Warning Signs in Prospective Covens – excellent checklist of warning signs of dodgy groups, and groups that may be OK, but just not a good fit for you personally.


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