Coven life

Policing your community, by Nimue Brown 
An excellent post about group dynamics, gatekeeping in communities, and a really good explanation of why remaining silent in a conflict means you are supporting the oppressor.

Coven Challenges by Jason Mankey
"The more I think about covens the more I find myself wanting to write “covens are weird,” because they are. In any given coven there are a dozen unique personalities, two-dozen backgrounds, a mix of traditional ritual along with new stuff, all sorts of various skills that differ from coven member to member, personal deity preferences, and most likely a folks who are more dominant than others."

Training expectations – Kim Dent-Brown and Tracey Dent-Brown
An outline of what to expect from Wiccan training, and what will be expected of you.

Things you should not do in circle by Ratatoskr
A light-hearted but useful post on circle etiquette

Please wipe your feet... by Ratatoskr
"Here’s another thing that sparks a good bit of discussion in Wicca: What to leave outside the sacred circle. It’s not a notion that is exclusive to Wicca, I got introduced to the idea many years ago when I invited to attend a sweat lodge with some native american friends. The way it was explained to me was 'Leave your worldly issues outside the door, be mindful you are entering a spiritual realm; your worldly issues and anger have no place here'."

Teaching and Learning in a Coven, by Yvonne Aburrow (2015)

The teacher and the student build a bridge between them so they can exchange ideas and knowledge and skills. But it is important to note that the teacher can also learn from the student. This means that learning is a collaborative process between the teacher and the learner. It is not the case that the learner is an empty bucket that the teacher fills up with facts; rather, the teacher and the learner discover and elaborate the existing skills of the learner (and the learner may also be able to teach the teacher a thing or two). This is especially true of magical and ritual skills, which are often extensions of existing abilities.

Pagan consent culture, Yvonne Aburrow and Christine Hoff-Kraemer
Website with resources to accompany the book, plus links to articles and organisations.

Consent in Paganism, by Vicky 
"Consent is a huge issue in the modern pagan movement. From hugging without permission, all the way through to ritual abuse, there are many issues to be found in Paganism relating to consent."

Rite of farewell (for leaving a coven), Yvonne Aburrow
I wrote this ritual more than a decade ago, so I can’t remember if we used it in this exact form, but I think it’s important to have rituals to mark changes in your group. Just as you welcome new people with initiations and other commitment ceremonies, it makes sense to offer some sort of closure when they leave. Continue reading →

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