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“It’s helpful for cisgender people from both within the LGBTQ+ community and outside of it to include their pronouns in their bio as it creates a safer environment for trans people. It opens a safe space to talk about pronouns and it also lets those of us who use different pronouns to share ours without being the odd one out. When cisgender people share their pronouns whether it be in an online bio, on a name tag, or shared face to face during introductions it helps to normalize the act of sharing one’s pronouns in all settings not just LGBTQ+ ones. This helps us not only normalize sharing and asking about pronouns, but it also helps to normalize the larger trans community and its umbrella communities. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable with their pronouns and have their pronouns respected by others.”

from Why cisgender individuals should put their pronouns in their bio 

All about pronouns

Explanatory pages for different pronouns 

Here are some of the more common ones:


At work

Email signature

Gender pronouns in email signatures - how to use them 


How to add your personal pronouns to your LinkedIn profile 


Here's how to add pronouns to your Slack profile - Stanford Today

How to Enable and Add Pronouns on Slack  


Adding and sharing your pronouns – Zoom Help Center

If you want them to show up next to your name on screen, you still need to put them in brackets after your display name: Add your personal pronouns to your Zoom name, here's how   

At home


Pronoun Picker Bot FAQ – Discord 


How to change pronouns on Facebook 


How to add your pronouns to your Instagram profile 


A Guide to Adding your Pronouns to 5 Tools You Use Every Day 


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